Dear parishioners of Immaculate Conception.

This has become a remarkably difficult time as we are faced with a pandemic and the requirement to stay secluded for several weeks.

The current situation impacts all of us as individuals and families, but it is also greatly impacting us as a parish.

Due to no one being able to attend Mass last weekend, our collection dropped to just $1,233, whereas our budgeted weekly amount is $4,600.

While the parish does have some cash reserve, things will begin getting tight very quickly at this rate.

So I am writing to you today as an appeal to encourage you to continue supporting our parish if you are financially able during this time.

I recognize that there is great financial insecurity right now, such as the loss of income from your job, or concern over your financial investments, etc.  If you feel you are not able to continue financially support IC at the present, I fully respect that.

If you are able to continue giving, thank you for your generosity.  You can mail checks directly to the parish office.  Or, even easier, you can donate on our website.  In fact, online giving streamlines the process for us (and you save a stamp to mail it).  Giving online can be done as a one-time gift, or setup for recurring weekly or monthly gifts.

I also want you to know that I have taken steps to tighten our belt here at the parish and cut down on any expenses we can.  For example, I have turned off the heat to the Civic Center (which is not being used at this time) and also turned down the heat in the church.  We will be cutting back on ordering supplies if possible, and looking for other ways to save if we are able.  However, we do have a very modest budget, and most of our expenses cannot be cut.

We will get through this, and I believe we will see God working in our lives and in our parish in a beautiful way when we are able to return to the regular practice of our faith once again.

The importance of faith, family, and friends has become so much more apparent during this time, and I’ve realized how easy it is to take these things for granted.  All of life is such a gift from God.  It is important that we continue supporting one another during this time.

Until we see one another again, know of my daily prayers, and thank you for your prayers for me and for our parish family.

May God bless you,
Fr. Nick VanDenBroeke